Great Commission Center

Dear Friends and Partners,

Do you still remember about The Great Commission Center in Moldova?

It is time for an update!
We are very excited that our project is so close to be finished!

Since we have made the first steps toward having the Center, God blessed us with faith, miracles and people who supported financially the most expensive New Life project ever!

Do you still remember what was the building  looking like?


Well, look at the building now!


Having nothing in the beginning and seeing what we have now is unbelievable, isn’t it!

The first event at the Great Commission Center will be a Christmas Celebration. Yes, we want to celebrate not a building, we want to celebrate Christ. We want to start to use the building proclaiming Jesus who saved us all! On December 26th, join us in your spirit for this celebration!

There is still work to be done, but we are very close and the big MOVE is planned for January 2016!!!

We still need about 10% ($50 000 ) of the total cost of the project. Please pray for this need to be met as soon as possible. And if God moves you, please, make a contribution for the fulfilling of this GREAT DREAM! Challenge your friends, family or church to join us as well by supporting the center so that everything would be finished soon. Thank you in advance!


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With gratefulness and excitement,

New Life Moldova staff


A Special Need For The Ministry Of New Life Moldova

Project: New Life Great Commission Center


The New Life Great Commission Center will be a special place where students, teachers, athletes, families and other people will see God in different ways. The GCC will provide:

  • training for followers of Jesus to build spiritual movements,
  • a warm atmosphere and good context to share Christ through personal discussions, big outreaches, small group activities and others,
  • a place for building disciples through personal discussions, different types of activities, church meetings and others.

Present Realities:

About 25 years ago Campus Crusade for Christ ministry started in Moldova by showing Jesus film in the cities and villages of Moldova. Many people came to Christ through this strategy and a few years later God called some of these believers to join full time work with Campus Crusade for Christ. So, a branch of Campus Crusade for Christ was formed named New Life Moldova. In 1995 some volunteers started to share Christ among students and a few years later they joined staff working with students.

Featured image

Full time workers with New Life Moldova

God has blessed us in many ways, He provided things in different times and we saw many people come to Christ and many followers of Jesus continue to have an impact for building God’s Kingdom. We have grown as a ministry; besides bringing the Good News to students we have expanded our influence among athletes, high school students, teachers, families, and others.

Today 55 full time workers with New Life Moldova are winning people for Christ, building disciples in their faith and sending multiplying disciples to fulfill the Great Commission in Moldova and beyond. Our vision is to build spiritual movements among different categories of people. Our role is to reach, disciple and train them to be life-time laborers in different places and societies.

We have never had our own building where we could do training, organize evangelistic events, or teach seminars. God has been faithful and given us different possibilities to rent and partner with others, but over the last 5-7 years the prices for rent have risen very high and the possibilities for renting good space which would provide for our needs have become much more limited because of financial and other reasons. It is hard to find the right place for different of our needs in building spiritual movements.

Because of this, we have begun to pray about having a property where we could organize a Great Commission Center for reaching, building, training and sending multiplying disciples into the world. In today’s world relationships, good reputation, and a friendly atmosphere open a lot of doors for sharing the Gospel effectively as well as building new believers into life-time laborers. Having a Great Commission Center would provide the right community and environment for that and for impacting our country.



Plan of action

Featured image

Outside view of building

The need for New Life Great Commission Center became obvious about 7 years ago and we started to pray for God’s leading. About a year ago we were offered a possibility for a loan of $150,000. All of our staff started to pray and look for possibilities of raising funds for this need. As a result God blessed us with $93 000. At the same time we were looking for different properties which would correspond to all the needs we have in order to fulfill our vision.

In September 2014 we found a building which is still in the process of being finished. It is a three-floor building with 7,750 sq feet (720 sq m). It is situated in a good location and we were able to negotiate a very good price. We will have enough space for a big room for up to 200 people and other smaller rooms for small groups, personal discussion, and office workers.

We have been praying if this building is God’s will and watching to see if God is moving us toward purchasing this building. The owner is willing to make the building in according to our needs which is the best situation for us, as we will not need to remodel things.

Featured image

Inside view of one floor. Walls will be put in according to our needs

Projected Costs:

The full cost for finishing the building and moving is $522,000 (including purchasing taxes)

Now we have available $243,000

The needed amount is $279,000

This amount is needed by May 2015 as this is the date for finishing the building.

The need:

Our need right now is to raise $279,000 to cover the cost of the building.

The amount is very high, but we know that if many people will contribute with small amounts, the purchase of the building will be possible.

One step which we would like to do in order to raise the needed amount is to ask 1000 people to give a one-time donation of $279 to a special Campus Crusade for Christ account.

We would like to challenge you to be one of those 1000 Christians who can play an important role by contributing with $279 or another amount toward purchasing this building for our New Life Great Commission Center.

Please pray for this challenge and if God is leading you, you can send a check to:

Campus Crusade for Christ,

PO Box 628222

Orlando, FL 32862-8222

Write a note for: Moldova #2275479

or make an on-line secure donation by clicking

Thank you very much for considering being a part of building God’s Kingdom in Moldova!!!

Please let me know of your decision on my e-mail. If I don’t hear from you after one week, I will contact you to learn how God is leading you in this decision. If you are interested to know more information about this project, please let me know .

God bless you and give you His joy during these Christmas days!

Serving together for fulfilling the Great Commission,

New Life Team